The Importance of Anchor Text in Backlinks

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Link building is an important part of search engine optimization. The more links you have, then the best that it can be. Each link comes with an anchor however; the confusion happens when users ask this question, does Google give a relative importance on the anchor text as what it does before?

The anchor text is the blue underlined text that can be clicked and will take you into another webpage to where it is pointing. There have been lots of controversies as well as exchanged of ideas that surrounds it. Some people loves it because of its effectiveness and others hate it because for them its death or just a trick.

Just recently, Google had announced that anchor text will gradually reduce its dependence on the use of anchor text until it was able to give minimal effect. There are lots of sources that have given infographs with regards to the future search engine optimization factor, which clearly shows that the use of anchor text in now on its rapid decline.

The title of the anchor text is a tool text that appears every time you move your mouse into a link. The weight as well as the importance of the anchor title is not as big as the anchor text but it is also one of the most visible factors that describe the link and the thing that it is pointing to.

The context that comprises a certain link is also used in order to derive the link and the thing where it is referring to. Two major factors surround the context. The first one is the page title that you can see at the top most and on the left part of your browser. It gives you an idea on what the content of the webpage is all about. This thing affects the link of the page as a whole because the link that comes from a certain page has a very relevant title tag, which brings a big impact on the quality of the link. Meanwhile, the second one is the content body. It is consist of the entire article which is written in a webpage wherein the link has been placed. The content’s upper part is known to be as the best link placement because it easily describes on what the link talks about. It is also used in order to derive the link and the thing it point to.

As of today, looking for facts can be easier. Google does not acclaim the independence of anchor text yet. What they have right now is the way on how the system works and how it still do because the variety of anchor text are still the best when it comes on the relevance of words.

For example, if you have a site that sells several gift checks, then building links that comes with the anchor text gift certificates, gift checks, gift items and other related text will be able to get you up in the rank for the long run than by just simply focusing on all the anchors texts you have in gist checks. However, not having the right keywords such as checks or gift in your anchor text would lead to bring it into something useless.

The use of relevant anchor text is a great thing for search engine optimization as well as for the ranking of your keywords. Aside from that, the use of search engine optimization in the descriptive text in the anchor of a particular link is a great help in determining the topical and the relevancy of the nature of the page wherein it is link to.

One of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to link building is the use of anchor text. A lot of people do not have the right knowledge when it comes on the importance of anchor text in backlinks and how it is able to relate to the rank position of search engines. As what most people don’t know, backlinks serves as an important part of the algorithms of search engines and each back-links should be able to have some combination of anchor text. When it comes on the implementation of a link building campaign, it is very important to have an external source used to have the right keywords in order for you to optimize the links you have.

For those people who are not aware about anchor text, it is visible hyperlink text placed in a certain article. In most of the articles, it is usually underlined and highlighted in blue in order for the users to easily recognize that there is a link placed in the article.

A lot of writers who are not familiar with the use of search engine optimization often make use of the brand name as the anchor text. While this one is an obvious way in highlighting the company or a brand that gives the content, it does not usually give any description for what the products and the services that the company provides. A lot of companies already have a high rank for the branded keywords they have so the use of anchor text is a big thing for them. A well-established anchor text can include the target keywords of the company.

Therefore, even though there are several issues coming out that anchor text in backlinks will be removed soon by Google, still, the benefits that it gives to a number of companies is a great thing. With the simple way of inserting the link of certain into a certain article for the user to easily find the content; it is really a fast and easy way in order to get the necessary information the user needs. For that reason, the importance of the use of anchor text in backlinks is really a great help not only for the people who seek information but as well as to those website owners and online business owners in order to drive the traffic they need to optimize their SEO ranking.

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