IT Services and Solutions

Hardware Services

Hardware and computer repair services will cover everything from your hard drives, graphic cards, to motherboards and laptop screens. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, we will be able to service your hardware needs.

Software Setup Services

Do you happen to have new home office software or a new computer game? Our software services will be able to install and even set up the software for you. It doesn’t matter if it is a new operating system, games, virus protection, or word processor, we are able to install whatever software that your computer may need.

Connectivity Services

Our team will develop custom solutions for extranet and intranet development, knowledge management, and Sharepoint integration.

Managed Services

TopRank Technology Services will give you managed and dedicated IT services which include exchange email services and hosted PBX. Having a managed IT service will give you fewer service disruptions and predictable budgeting.

Networking Services

Network solutions for computer optimization will offer a complete setup of your home network which includes fax machines, home gaming consoles, laptops, home computers, and printers.

Remote Support Services

If you don’t have any time to come in for support, we are able to connect to you via internet connection and then provide you with remote support, which saves you a trip.

Computer Repair

Do you have a slow computer, busted screen, or browser pop-ups? You aren’t alone. These are things that happen quite often. This is why we will offer you a no-obligation, free diagnostic so that we are able to give you an accurate cost estimate for our virus spyware removal as well as repair services. Lastly, there is a way that we can let you know if your computer is worth fixing without having to spend the money first.

Computer Setup

Are you getting a new computer? Do you want an easy way to transfer all of your files, documents, and emails to your new computer? We will set up your computer and transfer files for you which makes it convenient, quick as well as affordable.

Data Recovery Services

Sometimes things happen and people will lose important information such as pictures and documents due to the fact that they were unprepared. Data recovery includes backup solutions, disaster recovery, data backup and system restore which ensures that you don’t lose anything.

Data Backup Services

Even though software and hardware are replaceable, the family memories and vital business data that is on your computer, smartphone, and tablet are not. Be ready with backup solutions.

Virus, Spyware and Adware Removal

We will provide you the protection you need against spyware, computer virus and adware removal.

Web and Design Services

If you are starting a new business, or just have an idea that you want to share, our web service will let us take care of all of your website and even set it up for you.